Ninestar Corporation

Ninestar Corporation(stock code: 002180) was established in 2000, specializing in the printing and imaging industry. It is a global leader in imaging and output technology solutions and printing management services; an industry-leading printer consumable chip design company; A leading company in the global general consumables industry. Ninestar currently has approximately 18,000 employees and operations in more than 150 countries and regions.

Professional and committed to high-end users

In 2016, Ninestar acquired the world-well known laser printer company "Lexmark", who focuses on the mid-and-high-end printer market and is known for its mid- and high-end printer products and Managed Print Service (MPS). Then, Ninestar quickly became the top printer manufacturer of the world and with strong brand influence in the European and American markets. As a recognized leading provider in print imaging solutions, printer hardware, business processes and services, Lexmark has competitive advantage in critical market segments such as MPS, Smart Capture, enterprise content management, healthcare content management, financial process automation and enterprise search, and is providing high-value print service solutions to millions of customers worldwide.

Good Understanding of OEM Technology

•  In 2010, Ninestar released the first self-developed laser printer, Pantum.
•  In 2016, Ninestar successfully acquired Lexmark, a global OEM giant.

Today, Ninestar owns 2345 printer patents and knows printer technologies. With a good understanding of how every component operates in the system and working principles of printers, SmartMate has the capability to provide customers with products comparable to OEM.

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