Tested, Proven, Unparalleled Performance

As a premium brand of Ninestar, the major player in imaging industry, SmartMate

•  Enjoys the best access to a wide assortment of high quality cores
•  100% guarantees all components are safe and environmentally compliant
•  Deploys industry-leading remanufacturing techniques
•  100% post testing

As a result, SmartMate can offer the cartridges exceed aftermarket standard and rival for the original.

Reliable Customer Service & Technical Support

SmartMate focuses not just on delivering premium quality product but also reliable customer support.

•  English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish support
•  Local service & technical center offer you quick response within 24 hours.
•  A team of experienced engineers always stands by to solve your problems.
•  Training program or educational seminars
•  A quick response to OEM firmware upgrade.

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